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Our Core Values

At Mansfield First we strive to bring God and the Bible into every day life. It the core of this endeavor are 6 items that are vital to the process. These make up our core values.

Introduce people to Christ.

Teach people to know Him on a personal level.

Direct them in meaningful worship.

Develop caring relationships within the church family

Grow in Christian Character.

Find a place of ministry.

Our beliefs

If God is real, then that becomes the most important fact on earth! Who is He? What is He thinking? And what does He expect of me? It’s a bit ridiculous to attempt to reduce a huge Bible into a few “McNuggets -Sound Bites”…but here’s our lame attempt:

1. The Bible: God wants you to know what He’s thinking. It’s too important to trust to word of mouth, so He had it written down. Some parts are hard to grasp, but the more you read the easier it gets. He makes sure the important things are very clear.

2. One God:  In the form of three persons; Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
OK… that’s a bit hard to wrap our brain around… but He is God, so He isn’t limited by time, space or natural laws. Besides, if He’s really God, wouldn’t you expect Him to be a bit greater than our ability to totally figure Him out?

3. Jesus Is Deity:  There are only three choices: Humans, Angels-Demons or God. So, which is Jesus? It’s easy to figure He doesn’t fit the first two categories. Besides, He was very clear about it! Yep. He’s Jesus & He’s God (the Son).

4. Fall of Man: Alright, we didn’t know Adam & Eve and maybe don’t like apples, but it’s pretty obvious there’s something broken about us. Why do we have to be taught to be good, but it’s so easy to be bad? We instinctively & internally know in our deepest selves… something is broken.

5. Salvation: We can’t fix this internal brokenness ourselves. We’re separated from this Holy God, so He took the initiative to fix it Himself. We’re not talking theory here, but a very real experiential event that happens to you in such a way that you’ll know it’s true & God is in it.

6. Sanctification: A big word that describes a process where God patiently works in us & through us as we grow toward Him. You & God do this together. You CAN’T do it without Him & He WON’T do it without you.

7. Healing: Part of being in God’s family. He doesn’t do it the same way every time, with every one, but sometimes it comes as a miracle.

8. Baptism in The Holy Spirit: A window which leads to God including us in bringing the supernatural into natural lives.

9. The Church: People! Not buildings or organizations. God never meant for us to take the spiritual adventure alone. We do it together. His Church is supposed to be more like a family than a bureaucracy or theological system.

10. Ministry: God gives us gifted people to help and direct us on this spiritual adventure.

11. Ordinances: The best parts of a God filled life are internal. A preoccupation with the external leads to religion, rules & restrictions. However, Jesus left us two important things, communion & baptism that are rich in symbolism and meaning.

12. End Times: This world & this life will not always continue as it now is. We were originally created for personal, up close, face to face living in God’s presence. At some point in the near future, the process will begin by which God brings to a close this period of time, and brings things back to the original plan. The timing & sequence of events are greatly debated, but God has it figured out & that’s exactly how it will happen.