M1 Kids  Ministries

Our Kids & Student Ministry includes all kids, ranging from birth to 5th grade. We are a Jesus-focused, Spirit-filled, and life-giving ministry of Mansfield First, who's focus is to bring to life the Gospel of Christ in the lives of kids.

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Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 and 11:00

Infant Nursery-  (Newborn- Age 2) Our Nursery Director is a paid position. We do this because we value our babies and are committed take taking the best possible care of them.

Powerhouse Mini Church: (Ages 2-3, and 4-5) With a secure check in system, & specialized curriculum for each class, our teachers & sign in personnel are hand picked & empowered to minister to the needs of each specific age.

Kidz Life: (Ages 6-5th Grade) This ministry is a fun and fast paced atmosphere using many media tools as well as illustration to keep our children's attention. They worship God each week and are challenged to grow in their faith and pursuit of Jesus in every lesson. To connect to the Kidz L.I.F.E. Facebook  page click Here.

Special Needs Buddies: We feel taking care of our children with special needs is of the utmost importance. We have created a ministry where children who have needs that require extra care will have a buddy assigned to them. This persons sole responsibility is to take care of this child in their age appropriate setting. IF you have a child that requires special care and would like to connect with us click here.

Wednesday Nights @7:00

Infant Nursery-  (Newborn- Age 2) Our Nursery Director is a paid position. We do this because we value our babies and are committed take taking the best possible care of them.

Missionettes- “Rainbows” age 3-5 (both boys and girls.) “Daisys” Kindergarten age. “Prims” 1-2 grade. “Stars” 3-5 grade. “Friends” 6-8. “Girls Only” 9-12. Teaches girls to become strong young women of God.

Royal Rangers- The Royal Rangers program is an activity-based, small group church ministry for boys and young men  age 6-5th grade.  Our mission is to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders. We provide Christlike character formation and servant leadership development for boys and young men in a highly relational and fun environment.


Encounter Student Ministries

Encounter Student Ministries is a ministry for student's 6-12th grade. We exist to see student's Encounter God so that they can Encounter this world with His love.

ESM seeks to: Pursue Heaven, Ignite a Generation, Radiate God's glory, and transform the World. How do we do this? We build relationships with our students, provide Biblical teaching, connect students into the community, and help train student's in their ministry gifting's. We accomplish this mission through several outlets. Fine Arts helps students explore ministry opportunities and hone skills, we take a youth mission trip in the summer, and we involve student's in Wednesday night services through worship team, drama's, and other venues. Our Wednesday night service is our main event where student's can plug in. We also do regular connect events, youth retreat, youth conference, OYM summer camp, and Sunday morning classes. ESM has great youth staff who have been thoroughly screened, hand picked, and empowered to minister to the needs of teenagers. A great way for our teens and families to stay informed is through our Facebook page, where we post up-coming events and reminders. Click here to go to our Facebook Page.


Adult Ministries

Mansfield First has a ministry for everyone, from Seniors, to men, women, or just the person who wants to better know their Bible. Check out our ministries for adults.

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Life Enrichment Ministries

Short term adult classes, combining video instruction and live discussion, that cover life’s essentials for a successful life in belief and practical living . Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights.

GLOW Womens Ministry

Ladies of First Assembly spending valuable time together in a wide variety of formats and great events such as womens conference, nights of worship, and hobby nights.

Diesel  Mens Ministry

Diesel is a ministry by men for men. We want to help our men grow by providing  many different opportunities to connect, serve, and encounter God.


Legacy 50+

For ages 50 and over to enjoy the best years of life. Relationship building, events, getaways, outings. We believe that life is better when in community with others, this ministry provides that opportunity for our Seniors.


Worship AND MEDIA Ministry

The purpose of the Worship Ministry is to use music and song to provide an environment for people to glorify God and experience life transformation. Every week,  we come together here to enter into His divine presence through thanksgiving, praise and worship.

Accomplishing this requires a large group of people who use their gifts and talents to serve God and minister to the hearts of His people. We would love to have you get involved. If you play an instrument or sing, we invite you to consider joining our worship family. Our Tech Team is always looking for camera techs, photographers, and help with computer, sound, and lights. We would love to have you serve with us as we worship God through Worship, Arts, and Technology. If you are interested in being a part of our team, please contact us today!