From the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. Coming from a non-church home, she found The Lord at the age of 13 in the back hills of Kentucky. She never thought her life would be lead to a life in ministry.

Family: Yes, She has one... (see Pastor Blair’s, they’ve been married 40 yrs,  so you'll find her there!

Work:  Although she works as the Children's Pastor and various other things at the church, she works full time at Mansfield Sr. High School as an Interpreter for the Deaf. She is a license Pastor, Licensed Interpreter and has BBA in Business Administration from Mt Vernon University.

Hobbies: She loves genealogy research, scrap booking, and her grandkids

Pets: There is almost nothing more dear to Terry on this Earth than her two Maltese dogs. They are her babies!

Favorite Quotes:  “Tomorrow is one of the most important things in life...It puts itself in our hands and hopes we've learned something from yesterday.”

Favorite songs: “Good Morning” by Mandisa, “The Cloud of Glory” by Revival Ministries

Favorite verse:  “…and it came to pass” (180 times in Bible)  Life comes in seasons. The season you are now in is not permanent so look up, hang on & get ready for what’s next.